Zhiming Wang (王之铭)

Ph.D. student at Princeton Physics. High energy theorist.

Back in 2016, I earned my bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics at Stanford.

I am also a computer (or more precisely, software) geek.


You can find me on Keybase, or directly download my public key.


I am @zmwangx on GitHub.

Miscellaneous facts (or, the profile of a software geek)


I used to have a blog. It has since been archived at archive.zhimingwang.org.

Why did I archive the blog? First, the frequency of blog posts was clearly approaching zero; by the time I made the decision (February 2017), the blog had not seen a new post in three months. Secondly, like many other programmers, I tend to spend more time on the blogging engine than blog posts; I wasn't happy with my home-brew engine at that point but didn't have the time to rewrite it.